Changing a little thing can change the whole world

What most we all do like in a movie? A little touch of comedy with the real story to make it more vivid and which exactly this movie is all about. This movie is worth of watching. Chary, the central character of this movie died earlier because of cancer. She has a son named Juli who visits her dead mother every year and talks to her and accomplishes the task that her mother gave him. This is how she wants to change the whole world even after her death!

The very beginning of the movie is memorizing old stuffs between a motherly mother and a son. There is a simple question; do you think that you have always been fair to everyone? Have you always stood up against all the odds you saw? Chary once missed to stand against a bully which happened right in front of her and she did not protest that just fearing that her son might get bully from those kids too. But, even after death she feels guilty of that incident. This year Juli has got a new task! He is about to visit Peter and say sorry on behalf of her mother. The moment he told Peter that he is Chary’s son, Peter recognized him. Juli thought her mother couldn’t influence the Peter case but his wrong concept was totally vanished when he heard Peter in details. Peter is the person who got bully in front of Charry.

After that incident, Chary visited the psychologist about how to raise her son like the other normal child (Juli was homosexual). The psychologist couldn’t help her but just told her one thing that she is on the right track and raise him like she did so far. She also talked about Peter and the bully that she didn’t stand against. But, after that all the people in the community started visiting the psychologist and they all have known it and they all changed their view to Peter. So that’s how it works. One sentence which I like the most in this short film is, “sometime changing a little thing can change the whole world”. This short film is catchy and obviously full of comedy which makes it more acceptable to the viewers. 

This movie got a bunch academic awards besides being qualified for the Oscars 2018 so far and I think it deserves more. This bunch of awards tells about it exactly. Winning Audience Choice in several festivals is a proof to its outstanding performance and storyline with a little touch of comedy. I think the most touching part about this movie is it makes me feel that I should stand against the odds happening around me. Yeah this is the craziest thing I believe but yes it has got the power to change me! Here lies the real success of a movie. The critics have the same evaluation regarding this movie. With a good storyline to change the world and make it a better place, the director has shown some real quality works. I believe that this movie has got the soul to make everyone feel its importance.