Where do I begin with this piece? I thought it was nice and innocent, fitting with the Superman storyline. However, it is obvious that this production was created by high school students because of the low quality. I can only imagine how difficult it must have been for the editor to cut all the pieces together with the seemingly low amount of options. Nonetheless, it was well written for a high school show.

In my opinion the best actor was Clark Kent. He appeared honest and young, adding to his Superman charm. None of the actors look like they’ve had any training based on how many times they didn’t seem to comprehend the script or character relationships, but Clark definitely took the lead. If it wasn’t for him carrying the film, it might not have turned out so well. Although Lex Luther also seemed to have a firm grasp on his role. Maybe I just have a thing for tall, dark, and handsome, but those two film wonderfully. And I have to add that the girl who played Clark’s love interest had a sweet smile and pleasantry to her expressions. They really helped to move the story along together.

Now allow me to get into the nit and gritty of the film. I admired some of the camera angles dictated by the director Marlon Gonzalez because they showed that he has a basic knowledge of cameras and movies. In contrast, I noticed a lot of glare off the school doors and car windows that was distracting for the viewer. Another moment during the film I didn’t enjoy was the minute long introduction sequence. I am aware that this video is only the first episode and normal television shows have an opening theme, but I felt it was too long for such a short video. Hopefully in the next episodes to come the theme will have decreased in length.

For a high school production, this film was fantastic. The script allowed for each character to be seen, giving each actor a time to shine. The idea to make it a modern day Superman was genius too. It’s a well known fact that superheroes are very popular nowadays so it’s good thinking of Gonzalez to try to exploit that to his advantage. Plus, the Utah mountains and visible snow make for a great backdrop.

This was just the first episode, but I already want to see more! I’m positive Gonzalez will be a future director in Hollywood based on how professional his film looks and he’s only in high school. It would be interesting to keep tabs on the actors as well. They could definitely do more acting professionally if they wanted to pursue it. My one piece of advice for any more of these Superman episodes would be to spend more time on each scene to ensure better and more natural transitions. Some parts seemed to flip too fast for me to follow. Fortunately, I plan on watching more and rooting for this film to go far!