Let me start by saying this was an incredible plot. I quite enjoyed the little details put into it, beginning with the mom reading the story of Rapunzel being trapped in a tower. It was foreshadowing of what we were going to learn about her later on. The director Dimitris Georgiev did a great job of giving just enough detail for the viewer to understand what was happening, but leaving just enough out to leave us wanting more. I admit to letting out a “what the heck” throughout the film, which is something I’m sure the entire audience will do.

It was intriguing to see the dynamic between the husband and wife in this movie. From the genesis, it was evident that the wife was afraid of the husband. If you’re like me then you automatically think it’s because he is abusive. However, there were little moments spread out that had you rethink the husband’s motives, such as when he presented her with a necklace and flowers. Just as the wife says, the man is a good father and takes care of his daughter. Unfortunately, that leaves you shaking your head even more in confusion. Is the wife cheating on him? You see her hide her phone conversations when her husband is around, making you assume that maybe it’s her fault the relationship isn’t working. Needless to say, Georgiev really knows how to leave an audience in suspense.

There were several golden moments for me during the film. One scene was when the wife went to her daughter’s school only to find out that she wasn’t there. Instinctively my first thought was that maybe the husband kidnapped the daughter. You do see the teacher speaking with someone on the phone after all, which guides the viewer to believe she is working with the husband. I also have to point out that the wife’s outfit in that scene makes her appear as if she is ready to fight, so props to whoever was in charge of wardrobe.

Another part that had me on pins and needles was the moment when we finally saw the man with whom the wife was communicating. I’m sure most people would automatically assume he is her secret lover, but I have to say I had him pegged as the brother since I saw him. Their actions towards each other were friendly and loving, but I could tell it wasn’t romantic.

Finally, I have to talk about the end scene. First, how did the husband get up fast enough to follow them in his truck? And how did they not see or hear his truck behind them? Granted, it made the film end on a high note that matched the ominous overtones of the entire movie, but these are questions that I have.

All in all I think the film was fantastic. I could have done without the overly loud and specific sounds of everything (cup placed down, squeaking of shoes, to name a few), but the script and fine tuned acting make up for it. The husband and wife really embodied their characters. Georgiev should feel proud to have created such a magnificent work of art and heartbreaking tale.