Angel of Anywhere is the story of Angel, a male stripper in a bar named Anywhere. Angel is a well-balanced, sensible and empathetic stripper who tries to help the clients who are disturbed by various things in their life. In the film, we get to see Angel trying to comfort two clients who happen to resort to lap dance for the first time for their personal disturbances in life. Angel tries to fix things instead of giving up and replacing them. The story written by Kate Murdoch, Casey Nelson is a simple one with not too much complexity; it is enough to drive their point home.

The film opens with Angel undressing himself to reveal his body to the audience in a small bar where he works as a stripper at night. Angel tries to make a difference in the lives of people in need of help who cross paths with him. He tries to comfort people in distress with whom he works. The narration of the story starts with a brilliant and strong scene; Angel trying to fix the bulb which flickers constantly is a way to establish his character. Axel Roldos has portrayed Angel so convincingly and suited greatly to the character. The soothing smile of Axel is best suited to the therapist like character he plays. Briana Evigan has done an amazing job playing Michelle. Michelle is confused about whether she is doing the right thing. She is always questioning herself if she is being a good wife and good mother; these disorganised ideas are delivered in such meaningful dialogues by Briana Evigan in a very convincing manner. Ser'Darius Blain’s portrayal of Brian is good too. His swift flow of dialogues complements the narration.

The photography of this film is one of its greatest assets. The picture is clear and the camera is so steady that it was disappointing that the runtime of the film is only 16 minutes. Jonathan Pope has given this film a perfect picture which grips the attention of the audience. The colours of every single frame are so beautifully captured and presented. James Kicklighter executes the story in the most perfect of ways to bring to us this perfectly rendered movie. It is really an interesting way to open the film; we follow Angel from outside the bar into the dressing room and onto the stage where he is cheered while his face radiates confidence and conviction. The ending of the movie is equally interesting. Every face of the characters in the scene was captured in the most natural form. Each one of them not knowing about the other’s encounter. Brilliant.

Angel of Anywhere might be a simple story of a stripper trying to ease things up for the people who come to comforted physically or implicitly mentally, but there are certain things that are left for us to think about. The climax of the film is executed very thoughtfully. The visually superior cinematography, appropriate sound and a gripping screenplay merge to make this film a wonderful movie watching experience.