Acceptance is a very powerful short film in the way of its message about adoption.

The story has a wonderful message about adoption, it’s about how we should accept everyone no matter where they come from. This film shows brilliantly how adoption can be challenging on the parent, not just the child in which you usually see the viewpoint from.

We see the couple giving birth and then adopting a girl, and then it jumps several years later. We then see the husband favoring his birth son, and then see how he feels towards the adopted child. While we did see how he reacted to the news of an adoption, I feel we should have seen more events to have made him more that way that causes the story to come to its climax. To see the parents become more and more split up about treating their kids.

I loved when the Father in Law said “ we insist on binding ourselves to our blood relations but we forget that relationships are based on feelings” which is true.

Ultimately, the actors give emotion to the story that added to the scenes.  I recommend watching it for the message it portrays.