Johnny on the Moon is a story of two young men in love who escape into the woods with a cabin built by Johnny’s grandfather. Johnny is a sensitive character who is still fascinated by his childhood memories of bright colored cardboard houses that are arranged neatly inside the cabin. He lives in an imaginary world of his own unmindful of the events happening around him that were to be remembered for years to come. His perception towards the life through a window of make-believe is envied by his lover, Max. Max is a pragmatic individual who admires Johnny for his innocence and carefree nature. The scenes are driven by some beautiful writings which are knitted into the film artfully.

Johnny and Max wander into the Canadian Shield where there is a cabin that treasures the childhood memories of Johnny. Johnny in his beautiful long summer clothes run to the cabin and feels the touch of it reminiscing about his past while Max follows with a luggage. Johnny is portrayed by Eva Everett Irving in the most skillful way possible. It almost seems like Eva Irving played his own self in the film. The soft movement of hands, the smile that never fades, the fascination towards the things of his past, his love for Max which shines in his eyes – everything is brilliantly enacted by Eva Everett Irving.

The writings delivered in between the scenes give an insight into the profound nature of the movie. The sounds that are played parallel to the emotional outbreak of Johnny about the truth were really a thoughtful addition. The sound of waves represents the emotionally worked up Johnny, the Johnny who hates to expose himself to too much of reality. Johnny distances himself from things he does not like. Max likes to know what the truth is, even if it hurts him. This is clearly represented with the door in the floor concept. Johnny keeps the way the things are by not exploring into the door, but Max time and again is curious of the things that are hidden under it.

Being the director, Eva Irving has lived the character of Johnny. It is hard not to see the excellence of the portrayal. The cinematography has elevated the emotion and the depth of the story. The beautiful scenery is captured expertly. The quality of the sound could have been better, it could have been smoother and immersed. The film has been edited in such a way that it reflects the ideas of the script. The direction too is very proficient. The scenes where Johnny or Max or The Grandfather disappears, they mean something when juxtaposed with the ones that actually have the characters. It narrates the imaginary nature of the story, it conveys the sadness of the things that might have happened. John Irving appears in the film as Johnny’s grandfather and he did a great job too; the way he reads the fear just by touching the face of Max.

This film is a beautiful expression of the things that are a part of life. The brilliant acting, beautiful photography and the thoughts of Johnny make this film a truly great experience. The enactment of the character, Johnny is the one that brings this film color. Johnny on the Moon reminds us of the things that we would not let go of from our memories.